"First and foremost I would like to thank Dr Suresh for changing my life completely in a positive way. He is the best trainer I have ever worked with. Around 9 months ago I was in terrible shape, so I went to him. He just looked at me, gave me a smile and pointed his finger towards Hrithik Roshan's poster and said in 3 months I'll make you like this. I said "no way. Are you crazy. You got to be kidding me". But he proved me wrong. I was 75 kg and  around 25% body fat when I met him. After three months of intensive but VERY VERY effective workout called DRS , my weight reduced to 64 kg around 12 % body fat. I was stunned. You can check out my picture here :


This is the best thing that has ever happened to me and it wasn't possible without Dr Suresh and his own creation 'DRS' training regime.  He is not only the best trainer I have ever worked with, but also one of the nicest human beings I have ever met. Very humble and super grounded. He will share all the secrets about bodybuilding and experiences in life in general. Learnt a lot from him and still a lot to learn."

Date of Posting: March 2014
Posted By: Mr. Roshan Poojari 

"Gym have Professional Trainer. and they will monitor & care every one. I joined their with heavy back pain. now i got cured, Thanks"

Date of Posting: 10 mnths ago
Posted By : Srinivasan

"I have been going to FiiTNESS PLUS since last 7 months. They have the best trainers in entire Bangalore I must say! All equipments are maintained in good condition. They plan a customized work-out program for every individual as per his/her body type and objective. Very few fitness centers show such a high level of professionalism in India. I strongly recommend this place."

Date of Posting: 12 mnths ago
Posted By : Vineet

"Great place to work out . The trainers never set any false expectations . They give you the bare truth which is great for a change . The best workout techniques are provided and they are more into keeping you fit than helping you bulk out . The best place to get fit is what i would recommend. Anand"

Date of Posting: 1 year ago
Posted By : Anand Deth

"This gym is quite awesome. I have been going there for quite sometime. The instructors Suresh, Ramesh, Monty, Anto are all quite helpful and give best of advice and individual attention to everyone. And those who aspire to be fit, I would advise them to visit this place once as the emphasis is not on just pulling heavy weights from day one , rather to reach that level gradually in a systematic way. n also there are some outings once in a while to adventurous places."

Date of Posting: 1 year ago
Posted By : tariq

"FiiTNESS PLUS is the kind of gym where one gets the full value of money. Over and above the same is managed by doctor named Mr. Suresh. This gym is very well equipped along with the experienced trainers. Lastly, within the span of 2 months since joining I felt the desired results in my body."

Date of Posting: 1 year ago
Posted By : Amit

"Fiitness plus is a well equipped gym with specialized trainers. I was suffering with lower back ache when i joined the gym, with proper guidance and systematic work out my pain has healed up. Thanks to Suresh !!!!"

Date of Posting: 1 year ago
Posted By : Das

"FiiTNESS PLUS is a great place for work out, be it muscle building or weight reduction. It has sufficient and good equipments but the USP of the place is its trainers.this is one fantastic gym with 2 awesome trainers."

Date of Posting: 2 yrs ago
Posted By : Jharna Gupta

I had no idea of how to start of with, frustrated cals all over...no time absolutely jobless and louziness....thats the way i was...here comes a turning point...i meet this man call Dr. Suresh one evening (i.e the day fitness plus does its background work) all excited to know that a gym starting beside my house...Out of all the hitch is that i know this person so very well.. :) A couple of months later my sister joined...she came home all juiced up with sweat....she said trainer Ramesh was too gud... But i knew tht there was a guy named Suresh owning the gym n not Ramesh...we had an argument for quite sometime and the next day i ensured to join the gym to prove my point right... thats how i landed in Fiitness plus... :)

But this place has been an amazing stress burster, i just came in and now got glued to this place...Lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of confidence.... Its more than a year I'm with these 2 amazing guys who motivate you in looking good... :)

Date of Posting: 2 yrs ago
Posted By : Aruna Ramdass

I had a weird experience of trying out different gyms, but was never able to stick to one. i wondered why and though i had weight issues i was never regular. I noticed FiiTNESS PLUS a year back and initially joined for Yoga, but later on i moved to gymming and here was the catch!I thought i will be irregular like my previous experiences and things will never change and i would again look out for another--but so wrong i was!

this is one fantastic gym with 2 awesome trainers Bunty , Vivek and Doctor Suresh. Both of them helped me with my weight issues and giving me exercises that suited my body, never too exerting but never light ones also.

he is just the best and one strict trainer who will not take NO for anything. always on his feet to help anyone who calls from a corner. with his training, i have lost weight and though i have been on month-long vacations, i never put on 1 kilo extra!thanks to u Ramesh!

Doc Suresh--he brings the best out of anybody and being a very disciplined and strict trainer himself,he values each of the gym members and caters to everyone individually without being partial!
Lastly, besides training, this gym is more livelier because of the trainers, the music and other fellow gymmers!whenever u go, u r greeted with a smile and am sure u will not be disappointed!

Date of Posting: 3 yrs ago
Posted By : Swatilekha Dey

FiiTNESS PLUS is a great place for work out, be it muscle building or weight reduction. It has sufficient and good equipments but the USP of the place is its trainers: Ramesh and Suresh. They are very helpful. They access your needs properly, keep your work out schedule/chart updated and above all let you what you are doing, why you are doing and how to do it!

Date of Posting: 3 yrs ago
Posted By : Vamsi

This is a very good work-out-place with imported machines , good ambiance ,excellent facilities and friendly environment. Trainers are really dedicated for us. I am here since last 5 months. Although there is personal training system , I can say (without personal training), I have never felt - my trainer is giving less attention to me. I really enjoy working out here after 9 hours office-stress!

Date of Posting: 3 yrs ago
Posted By : Sambit

Fiitness plus - Koramangala 1st Block is equipped with excellent machines & has experienced trainers... 
I thank my personal trainer Dr. Suresh. 

Greet us promptly at the front desk 
Perform a fitness assessment in a professional manner 
Explain the results of our assessment in a way which was easy to understand and apply 
Listen to our goals and needs 
Explain components of the services and programs as they relate to our needs 
Address our questions thoroughly 
Gave us safe and adequate instruction 
Assist us in setting short- and long-term goals 
Use a hands-on approach when working through our program 
Assists us in finding proper exercise intensity and progression 
Provide us with encouragement and feedback 
Fufill our role in assisting us to meet our goals

Date of Posting: 3 yrs ago
Posted By : Dibya Patnaik

Fiitness Plus is well equipped with nice workout machines, experienced trainers and Doctor. I like the personal training by Dr.Suresh.

Date of Posting: 4 yrs ago
Posted By : Rajendra

I like playing tennis, and I joined this gym to improve my strength and thus my game on court. Trainers at this gym namely Suresh , Ramesh and Mathews really understood my need and planned my workout accordingly and I can see the results,which are awesome.

Date of Posting: 4 yrs ago
Posted By : Rahul

I was confused about weight loss program advertised on a daily basis until I met Dr. Suresh and his team of health professionals. Today i dont look behind as i have made the right choice in joining FiiTNESS PLUS and have results right from day 1. Thanks to Dr suresh and his team. Cheers

Date of Posting: 4 yrs ago
Posted By : Mohit